D-DAY by Chloe H

Sea crashed on the boat as I unscrewed the lid to my bottle. The boat rocked side to side soaking our damp sweaty bodies, as a couple of my comrades started to vomit with fear and depression. Salty water flew into the sky. The boat was full of sweat and vomit.

I knew that the second that ramp flung down I had to run whether I was on the beach or in the middle of the sea. A couple other boats has reached the shore, all I could hear were the screams of death.


Gun powder and smoke filled the air as my hands started to shake. More of my comrades vomited up last night’s food as the boat rocked some more. The ramp lowered as we all jumped out in to the clear salty water. Blood started to drip from my shin. I lifted up my damp trouser leg and saw a huge hole then I realised I had been shot…


By Chloe Hedger!


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