D-Day by Dylan

Bombs flying over my head dizzy of the ocean around us. The boat rocking side to side because of the salty water flying up into the boat.  No one would ever make a joke; no one would talk; no one was moving… we were all thinking.

The rusted ramp is about to go down. I’m anxious as we had just a little bit of water to go. Operation Overlord is about to begin. The strong smell of all the soldiers’ kits being damp was overwhelming. I looked over the ramp. With the beach in my eyes it should be gold but instead it’s wet grey and dull. Is this what hell looks like?

My breath was like ice; I was frozen in a shocked pose. Everyone was vomiting and trying not to look scared but their eyes told it all. It started to rain heavily… this would only make it worse. We heard the high pitch whistle it’s time to go! The ramp came down BANG shots were all over the place, members charged out some of them didn’t even get out of the boat and they had already been shot. Blood all over the ground I stood up high thinking I wouldn’t be shot and it be over soon but…my friend was shot one of my best friends. Rage ran around my body I started shooting I hit one but there was blood just below me I looked at my chest I had been shot it’s the end.

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