D-Day by Jak

The sea rocked the boat as we looked toward the beaches over the horizon. The misty fog filled the air as I looked around me. Landing-Craft filled the ocean as we moved closer to beginning of Operation Overlord…the counter offensive attack.

The strong smell of sick and damp clothes filled the air. The thought of being scared was a distant memory in my mind. “30 SECONDS LADS. GOD BE WITH YOU!” our captain barked at us. With trepidation, I counted the remaining seconds of the time in the boat.

The whistle blew. The ramp lowered. Water rushed in. The time had come to fight for freedom or defeat. I held my gun high as I tried to run through the water. It was like slow motion as I powered my legs like never before. My kit was weighing me down and it took all my strength just to get to the sand. I didn’t stop because if I did I was a coward.

“Brararararararararara” The sound of the Nazis machine guns filled the air as we reached the beach. As I moved closer, a Nazi’s machine-gun had directly hit me in the leg and I was losing blood. is my life over?

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