D-Day by Kalin

The noise of the engine was roaring so loud that the Germans heard us. The sea made me feel like I was infected with the common cold, but I knew I had to resist the temptation. The puke came out anyway. The smell of the engine was vile; I couldn’t breathe. I was feeling like I was going to have my life taken away, from being ill or from being shot. I heard German planes overhead. All I could spot were boats and beach for miles. The whistle was blasted hard as the ramp was descending.

Loading our guns, the Germans started to shoot at us. We had to sprint through water, without being shot and not getting our weapons water-logged. Most people would usually be slower when in water. My friends were being shot, one by one, but very… very… very hastily.

I successfully reached land and I had to invade the Germans. I fired my gun and in just one hour, most of the Nazis were gone. We had started to end the war.

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