D-DAY by rosie

The defining roar of the engine, the foul smell of vomit and the hellish thought of dying made my thoughts spin. The Germans were expecting an invasion, but I did not want to be a part of it. The boy next to me was shivering with coldness and misery. Someone behind me was being sick I could not bear to look. To my right I could see boats, boats getting ready for war.

The captain kissed his necklace with the holy cross on it. My friend mumbled a prayer… The whistle had blown. The ramp lowered but we all knew that if we came out that way we would be dead. We decided to jump over the edge. I was halfway from the shore when I stopped and thought about my family. I thought about how my little sister had cried when I said that I was going to war  and how they must be waiting for a telegraph to see if I was alive or not; and how mother and father said goodbye.

Just then I looked around there was red liquid floating in the sea and I had pain in my arm. I was losing blood as my vision started getting blurry and then it all went black…





By Rosie Bushby

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