D-Day by Thomas Clark

The day had finally come; it had dawned on me, as soon as I found out the truth about the war, this wasn’t a war it was a slaughter. It was so loud I couldn’t hear myself think from the shouting, the waves and so much more, the acidic smell of vomit stanched the place, I felt nauseous from the boat rocking from side to side. “30 SECONDS TILL THE RAMP OPENS!” The commander shouted, I had my heart in my mouth, I counted down “29, 28, 27, 26” The gates came down, everybody ran past, as I saw them getting gunned down instantly, I slowly walked forward, and into the water it was up to my chest, I walked forward tripping over fallen men, and taking cover with the survivors, I made it to the beach, I was relived but as I did,


I got shot… in the leg, if you are reading this I have either bled to death, or alive somewhere, but if I have passed out please, help me.

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