French week beginning 20.4.2020




Week beginning 20.4.2020
Year 6
Hope that you are all well and that you had a good Eater break.
This week in French, I am going to set you a small project. I would like you to research the Eiffel Tower.

Here are a set of questions for you to answer and research:
1- Where in the world is the Eiffel Tower?
2- How many meters tall is the Eiffel Tower?
3- What year was the Eiffel tower built?
4- What is the nickname of the Eiffel tower?
5- Who is the Eiffel tower named after?
Bonus question: How many metal partsĀ  approximately were used to build the Eiffel Tower?

To go with the answers to the questions you could illustrate your work or create your own Eiffel Tower. You could make it out of straws, Lego, paper what ever you choose or you could draw it or paint it if you wish.

Here is a website to start your research:

Bronze: Draw or create your Eiffel tower.
Silver: draw or create your Eiffel tower and answer all the questions.
Gold: Add extra facts about the tower.
It would be great if you could bring your project in school when we get back so that we can share it with the rest of the class.
Bonne Chance! (Good luck!)
Keep safe and well.
Mrs Soal

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