Petworth Boys’ School Memorial and National Poetry Day

Last week, year 6 spent a lot of the week learning out about a significant local historical event: the bombing of Petworth Boys’ School in 1942. The children enjoyed being historical detectives, looking at a variety of source material and analysing it. This was particularly engaging as they discovered how an event in the past can continue to have repercussions up to present day. For example, discussing the controversy over the housing development on the site of the old school. Children learnt about different theories as to why this tragic bombing took place and used evidence to support their own judgements.

In addition to their historical work, children took part in activities linked to National Poetry Day. This year’s theme was ‘vision’ and children used the song lyrics of Louis Armstrong’s song ‘What a Wonderful World’ to inspire their own creative writing.

In maths, children have continued to work on developing their understanding of addition, subtraction and multiplication with a focus on formal written methods of calculation.



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