French week beg 18.1.21

Week beginning 18.1.2021

Year 6


Hope that you are all well and having a good week.


To start with complete the quiz on Socrates. Here is how to access it:

Go on the “Socrative” website.

Student section.

Log into the room: SOAL5582

Choose the quiz called “Colours”.

You will be able to complete the Quiz between 1pm and 3pm on Thursday afternoon.


This week I would like you to revise/continue to learn about numbers in French.

Check the list of number on the sheet attached to the blog. (Numbers 0 to 100)

Look at the tens before you look at the rest of the numbers.


Vingt 20

Trente 30                linked to trois (3)

Quarante 40           remember it is linked to “quatre”

Cinquante 50         linked to cinq (5)

Soixante                 linked to six

Soixante-dix          is soixante (60) + dix (10)

Quatre-vingt         is 4×20

Quatre-vingt-dix   is 4×20+10

Cent                         100 linked to the word century for example (100 years)

Write a few of these numbers on cards or paper and test yourself. Write the numbers and then try to write the words next to each one of them. Repeat several times.

After that , once you know the tens , you can add the single digits from 1 to 9.

For example 38 would be trente (30) huit(8) : trente- huit

Have a go at practising a few number : 67, 54, 45,62,29

For numbers between 70 and 79 you need to add number between 10 and 19 as you count on from soixnte –dix

for example 72 will be soixante- douze (60 and 12)

The same applies for numbers between 90 Qutare-vingt-dix and  99 quatre-vingt-dix -neuf (80 and 19) These are not easy! Try and look at how they work and you can use the number sheet provided to help you complete the task.

Now complete the worksheet which is also attached and use the number grid (Numbers from 1-100) to help you.

Make sure you keep your work as next week as I will be revealing the answers and you can check how you did.


Bonne Chance! (Good luck!)

Keep safe and well.

Mrs Soal

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