French week beginning 1.2.21

Week beginning 1.2.2021

Year 6


Hope that you are all well and keeping your minds busy.


This week I would like you to research a French tradition. (It is also a tradition in England but there might be a few differences and you can compare the two. )

This tradition is called “La Chandeleur”. So I would like you to answer the following questions about it in order for you to discover what it is…

  • What day and date is La Chandeleur celebrated?
  • Where does the word come from?
  • Why is it celebrated?
  • What do the French do on that day?
  • What do they eat on that day?
  • Is there another pancake day in France? What is it called? What is the date for that event?

When you have found the answers, watch the short animation about “La chandeleur” here and see how much you can understand. Make notes in English about what you understood.

Keep safe and well.

Enjoy researching!

Bonne Chance! (Good luck!)

Mrs Soal





You can find information about La Chandeleur here:

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