The way I see my family

 Shhh ! Daddy is sleeping.  

Groan! Homework needs doing. 

Quik! The ice cream truck has gone by. 

Yum! mummy is cooking.  

Yay! Nana has her crystals out. 

Arr! Lexi & Luler are playing. 

Bye! Going to play with friends. 

Quiet! I am trying to sleep!!!!!!! 

Boring! Charlie won’t let me on the Xbox. 

Wahoo! Sleep over with Catlin and Lilyrose.  

Friends! Lillie is my new BFF. 

WOW! Nan & gramps lived to a VERY OLD AGE!!! 

Amazing! My life is being woven together with my family helping me hold up the stitches.  


Freezing mountain

 Will force my freezing cold ice and snow down into the small innocent town below me.  

I will freeze it with my cold Icey breath. 

I was shocked by the fearless face that was staring were standing under neath me. 

As they trudge up my rocky slope. 

Maybe I will hold my shoulders strong for you to stand upon me. 

For years I have been sitting here quietly abandoned. 

Today just maybe I will let you achieve your dream.