D-DAY writing Brook

Our lives had changed. It had begun. My comrades and I were shivering and petrified. The crashing waves flew over the boats leaving us drenched.  I felt frozen and depressed; it was the sea that made me feel like that for sure. Minutes felt like hours as we crossed the sea, the whistle blew with an ear piercing screech, and the heavy metal ramp had been lowered. Men fell as they ran across the endless beach. The sea was turning a dark red as many men were crucified…

Bullets narrowly dodged me and made an explosion in the sand making the partials of sand prickle my skin. I was three quarters over the beach when my body went into a mental shut down.

I had been shot.

All I remember is that my body hit the damp sand and I could hear the shouting of troops and the thud of footsteps.

I was lucky to tell the story to this day.

Danny Allen.