Corey Macbeth story

The story of Macbeth 

The mist hid in the dark and shadowy sky like it was preparing to attack. The immense tall castle was built strong but had many cracks on it. The rain got harder every minute. Slowly starting to smile, Lady Macbeth came up with an evil plan for Macbeth to kill Banquo’s children because they would be rulers of Scotland. 


Nervously, Lady Macbeth said, 

“I hope Macbeth is ok on his evil mission”. 

A minute later, Macbeth came back to where Lady Macbeth was hiding. Macbeth had bright red blood on his hands. 

“I have done the deed.  

Lady Macbeth saw the blood on his hands and said go and get that filthy stuff of his hands, but Macbeth said, “Not even the whole ocean can clean this blood off my hands. I am afraid to think what I have done. I will not go a put the daggers at the place. Why don’t you go?”  

And again, he saw some ghosts and became confused. About a week later, Lady Macbeth started going mad, even more mad than Macbeth. She became so mad she threw herself out the window like she wanted to die 

Macduff and Macbeth were fighting with their sharp swords. They were about to fight they both leapt to each other, but just before they did Macbeth saw another ghost and suddenly stopped. Macduff cut Macbeth’s head off and Macbeth died. 

Mountain Adventure

The mountain was as tall as a giant it was too colossal and very scary to climb. The ice was like lots of clear glass shattering as it falls and the ice shard were too sharp to touch. The rocks were like iron because they were strong and tough, they were everywhere on the mountain it was laborious to climb. The beast looked lager every step you took and every time I think I should go down. Every second rocks of iron and boulders were falling down the mountain they were terrified. The explores finally made it to the top of the mountain and shouted we have made it.