D-Day by Jack

It was a bad day, a very bad day; I was frozen in my soggy wet boots. I could hear the constant roar of the hundreds of boat all around me. Surly all of this power will defeat the Nazis?

The thing that bothered me the most is that my chest what so tight with fear I couldn’t breathe.

I was dreading the sound of that whistle which tells you that you had to go on to the beach to the dreaded Germans! The same sound you heard when you had to go over the trench. It felt the same; the same worry I got when I heard stories from World War One from my long lost relatives.

Then it hit me…the feeling that I was going to let my county down; the felling that I was going to see the men all around me fall;  the feeling that I won’t return home.

I could now hear the command from the sergeant echoing in my messed up mind. Suddenly, the order that I did not want to come, “Ramps down in 30 seconds”

I started counting down in my head, “29, 28, 27…”

I was terrified! I had ten seconds to go before all of our cover is gone.  As the ramp was going down I tried to hide behind one of the other men. I felt like a coward, so I moved. In that split second a bullet skimmed my helmet mean while I could see the men all around me collapsing as bullets penetrated their bodies.

Then it got me! It hit me straight in the shoulder. It felt like I was being stabbed by 100 knives as blood was pouring out of my body fast, very fast. Soon I didn’t have the military green clothes I had blood red clothes. I could not hang on much longer, but I didn’t want to because of the pain.  As I took my last breath I saw all of the bodies of my friends dead!

D-Day by Jack B

As the boat was rocking side to side I was scared, so scared for the ramp to come down. Unsurprisingly I had butterflies.

The constant bombing was defeaning. I had a shiver down my spine as I smelt the vomit all around me. My hand constantly shook as I took a drink out of my bottle. I started to lower my head as we got closer to the shore.

The Germans started to shoot.

In my head I was worried that I wouldn’t make it home. After this my fingers started to shiver even more as the captain bellowed, ‘We have 30 seconds till the ramp drops.’

In my head I was counting down… it was time

The ramp was lowered and I got into the water and ran. Blood was everywhere! I thought is it my blood…