My Supporting Speech


I am supporting Louie; I believe he would be an excellent headteacher because he is kind, caring and fun. Our changes for the day would be an art competition for the whole school to join in, 20 extra minutes of break and own clothes day. 

I also think he would be excellent for this role because he is funny and a good friend if you needed one. He also would make sensible choices if they were needed. Louie would also be amazing because he would make everyone have a fun day. 

I, Jamie, support the Sausage Party. 

I See

I see, stars of light that shines in the midnight darkness, showing signs of love. 

I see, clouds of white sitting in the sky going way up high in the bright blue sky. 

I see, a sky of blue with rainbows going far looking like a bright green meadow. 

I see, flowers of yellow and some of blue growing so high they touch you. 

I see, trees going far and long, bushes of green that blow in the green land. 

I see, the rain drops that pour from the sky, touching me with a soft touch across my cheek. 


My mountain poem

Around the stone, grey hills ice cold snow rapidly slides down the menace mountain. 

A small path leads up to a heavenly looking place. 

Eventually, someone would get hold of my eye-catching peak. 

Ice like glass spikes down like a trap as sharp as a knife blade. 

Haunting, eerie I stand still for centuries doing nothing, but waiting for climbers! 

At the peak of me there is a mystical place were no happiness can be or will never be! 

There are so many dreams, people that want to reach the top but never did. 

Manny people tried conquering me but never reached my treacherous summit. 

The life-threatening mountain, looks over the snow slithering down the colossal land. 

Screams heard that make you get a feeling that you are being watched and feeling ominous. 

People, vanishing when they try conquering me, and not reaching me untouched peak. 

I will summon my army that will kill you with frost bite, or worse! 

Nervously, menacing humans approach me with fear, and violent movements.