My Supporting Speech

I am supporting Poppy. 

I believe that Poppy would be an excellent headteacher because she is kind, caring and she is very artistic. One of the many changes that we will be making is art instead of math’s. We have decided to make this change because it will get peoples creative mind going. When everyone has finished the art, she will come to each class room to see what people have done.    

My family

Shh! I think that mum and dad are sleeping.  

Quick! My older brother is trying to kill me. 

Look!  my hamsters are doing cage reselling. 

There! Why do you have to be so annoying? 


Aww! My pets can calm me down when the boys are fighting. 

See! Nan, I didn’t throw my peas in the bin. 

Hey! Grandad can you leave me alone. 

Woah! I almost forgot I had a cousin.  

Burr! Of course, I am cold its six in the morning.  


Yum! Dad can we make more flapjacks.  

Phew! Why do you have to be so cruel? 

Yikes! Mum dad the boys are fighting again. 


Grait! I don’t want to go to nans again. 

Yes! I would love to have a take away. 

Cool! I totally don’t agree with you.  

the mountain

Haunting, towering I wait and wait for another pathetic human to try and conquer me. 

I expand and expand just like the shield of snow that guards, that protects me from you.  

On my rocky feet I stand above you tall and sturdy. 

My weapons of destruction will hide my secrets away from you. 

My boulders will crush you in one second. 

My avalanches will bury you alive so deep you could never dig yourself out. 

Reaching to the fluffy clouds my peak won’t let me down I will defeat you. 

My caves will trap you and lock you in forever. 

Your bones will be crushed by the sharpest ice icicles ever seen. 

I am the mountain.