D-Day Writing

D-Day/Operation Neptune

I looked at the other men in my LCA. I knew that whoever was at the front would instantly be mowed down by the MG 42s.The guy next to me threw up over his feet. I could smell the vomit as it flew behind me. Suddenly the boat driver shouted “30 SECONDS!” seconds later, I could see the other landing crafts being hit by the artillery fire from the Nazi bunkers. Everyone got down “200 YARDS!”  The Lieutenant shouted “20 SECONDS!” he screamed.

“DROP THE RAMP!” shouted the serrgent.

“THERES NO COVER!” The soldier driving the boat. The ramp lowered. The boat next to us slammed into the side of our boat knocking us down. Some of the other men went to stand up, but were instantly shot. “OVER THE SIDE!” someone shouted. Thump a mortar had hit the ground behind me flinging me into a hedgehog where I stayed until …