Liams Macbeth story


As Lady Macbeth waited for her husband, an owl shrieked and Macbeth bashed through the door. Looking at his hands, he thought about what he had done. “This is a sorry sight,” Macbeth stuttered.

“A foolish thought to say a sorry sight,” Lady Macbeth warned, as Macbeth dropped the daggers and made a loud CLANK. His body trembled as he contemplated what he had done. Calming her husband down by stepping closer, she whispered, “Why worthy Thane, you do unbend your noble strength to think so brainsickly of thinks. Go get some water to wash this witness from your hand. Why did you bring the daggers from the place? They must lie there. Go carry the daggers and smear the grooms with blood.”


Macbeth, paced around the room, as he murmured, “I’ll go no further, and look on’t again I dare not.” As the fog drew nearer Lady Macbeth only heard rain after Macbeth finished his little speech. ”Infirm of purpose!”





Buzzard poem

Who knows what the buzzard sees

as it swoops through the choking air with 

factory after factory polluting the atmosphere, 

which seems so unfair!    

Who knows what the buzzard sees

searching for prey amongst lots of litter.


irresponsible and

rude acts

by human beings who must be bitter.