Parliament Week, Speech, 2020

I am here today to convince you that I would be a good headteacher because Iam very fair and will depart things evenly. Iam funny, kind, mature and silly which means I will make sure that you work and have fun at the same time. Iam also very artistic and I will listen to your problems. The day starts off with art. No assembly though. Break is free time, like computing. Then after break, a big school bake of. Each class will bring ingredients from home, and cook ANY FOOD THEY WANT! You will decide which food from a vote. The people who tried to go for head will taste as well as their teams. (EXTRA POINTS FOR GOOD PRESENTATION!) next will be PE (just fun games!) after, because there are lots of math lovers in the the school, you will do half an hour of math’sAt the end of the day, you will take home a piece of food made. The winning class will get TOW bags of sweets to share out. I will make sure the school remains in control. As I didn’t get ambassador, iam hoping I get head teacher. O was debating if I should do it or not, but I knew I would regret it forever if I didn’t. Thank you for listening, Poppy  


SHHH! The sound of missiles are near! 

HIDE! Get in your bomb shelter, the bombs are coming! 

BRRR! The machine gun kills the soldier.  

VISION! The child sees peace in the world, but not this one. 

RUN! The soldiers are here looking for us! 

BOOM! You hear a bomb explode near. 

SIGH… This is not the world I want to see… 


SHOUT! The time of joy is about! 

HIDE! We’re playing a game of hide and seek! 

BUZZ! The bees are flying through the blue, cloudless sky. 

VISION! Imagine seeing a world of war…. 

RUN! We’re playing IT! 

BANG! The bouncy ball hits the ground. 

SIGH… I love this world…

The mountain

Snow was rushing down me like an asteroid hitting Earth. I was towering over splinter size houses, and minuscule people. Standing safely on my valley, you realize I’m conquerable, but you’ll be a fool to try…… 

It has been a while since someone tried to conquer me, and I will not let anyone cross my peak.  

It has been untouched for century’s, and will remain untouched…… Through the snow storm, you could hear the climber’s feat making crunching sounds while their feet imprint in the snow.  

Reaching the atmosphere, I stand strong tall and brave. 

The climbers could see a faint light from the sun, making them think, “one day we will make it… 

Poppy Williams