D-DAY by Sophie H

The day was the day I was terrified; terrified of the sound of bombs. I had butterflies in my stomach and shivering with fear. It was horrible due to the smell of vomit, the drenched clothes and the nerves, which all made me feel sick.

The rusty boat ramp was about to go down as the adrenaline hit me. All my team mates did not smile once. It was silent, very silent as they were all trying not to show their fear; I clenched my gun hoping that I would not die.

Suddenly, the ramp went down but we weren’t at the beach. Everyone ran out when they heard the whistle blow. We all ran out but we weren’t going fast. It was like we were running in slow motion. My friend fell down however I couldn’t help him or I might die to. BANG!

I looked down and I was bleeding…oh no I have been shot…