The mighty beasts

The dragons breathed fire and burnt down towns.
Their skin was scaly and shone like lighting.
The mighty beast, Razor, flew above the towns and cities.
One of the citizens yelled, “They have returned!”
Beside the Razor, many other dragons followed.
Furiously, his fire shot down like bullets.

Destroying the houses below, the fire was so boiling it felt like his skin melting.
In a matter of seconds, the beast flew off.
Would they ever kill the dragons for good?

Over the Wall

I saw a future full of dreams. 

I saw a free-flowing litter stream. 

I saw a land embracing nature. 

I saw a environment for every creature. 

I saw a bird fly in a smoke free sky. 

I saw a green tree up high. 

I saw a clear blue river glow. 

I saw a big black bird fly so low. 

I saw a future if smiles. 

I saw a land scape that went on for miles