Lady Macbeth paced around the castle. The wind whispered and whistled through the stone pillars. She picked up her hands and dragged them along the oak splintered table, as if they were dancing to a lullaby… A soot-black raven flew high above the dusty grey castle. As the raven flew the wind closely followed, behind yapping at his heels.

“I feel like my stomach is twisted into a million pieces. I have butterflies.” Lady Macbeth began to have second thoughts about her cruel desire to kill the king. She wiped a heartless tear from her emerald green eyes and pulled herself together, deciding to go ahead with her plans.

Waiting on Macbeth’s arrival, Lady Macbeth was so nervous she almost forgot to breathe. Moments later, Macbeth bundled through the large wooden door, staring down at the ruby red blood which stained the hands of guilt.
“I have done the deed, I shall go no further,” said Macbeth. The daggers dropped to the floor in seconds with a clatter! “This is a sorry sight,” cried Macbeth. Lady Macbeth rolled her face into a smile and rubbed her hands with glee. “Infirm of purpose! I shall take the daggers and smear there whole body with the witness of the crime!” raged Lady Macbeth. “Tis the eye of childhood, that is painted.”

Macbeth Story


The mist hid the old bricks piled on top of each other to make a towering castle. In the deep depths of the ancient building sat a room inside that room was Lady Macbeth…

Sitting in the royal green chair next to the birch table was Lady Macbeth. As the candle flickered Lady Macbeth anxiously tapped her long, sharp, blood-red nails on the splintered wood. The harsh wind blew through her silky hair.

Her husband burst through the wooden doors, with his lip trembling he finally mumbled comma “the deed has been done” he pulled out the bloody daggers and stared at the blood bath they were making

“good, now take them back to the guards and smother them with blood!” said Lady Macbeth with a disgusted look on her face.

“no! I cant methought I heard a voice cry, ‘sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep- the innocent sleep” Macbeth said horrified

“inform of purpose, give me the daggers I will do it” lady Macbeth said.


The mighty beasts

The dragons breathed fire and burnt down towns.
Their skin was scaly and shone like lighting.
The mighty beast, Razor, flew above the towns and cities.
One of the citizens yelled, “They have returned!”
Beside the Razor, many other dragons followed.
Furiously, his fire shot down like bullets.

Destroying the houses below, the fire was so boiling it felt like his skin melting.
In a matter of seconds, the beast flew off.
Would they ever kill the dragons for good?

The Story of Macbeth

The clouds looked down at the petrifying castle. Moonlight shone through the enormous windows, casting horrifying shadows. Rain thudded onto the castle’s roof and a bitter draught crept through the holes in the brickworkInside the imposing castle walls, was Lady Macbethpacing around in the lonely room. The elegant young lady took a seat on the chair and began to tap her long pale fingers on the ice-cold stone wall, awaiting her husband’s return. There was then a blood-curdling shriek. Then there was an immense thud on the door…  

Macbeth came pounding into the bare roomtrembling with fear, whilst holding two daggers in his handswhich were covered in blood.   

“This is a sorry sight,” mumbled the king to be.  

“A foolish thought, to say a sorry sight.” hissed Lady Macbeth.  

Macbeths hands started to shake.   

“Why did you bring these daggers from the place?” complained Lady Macbeth.  

“Go! Carry them and smear the grooms with blood.”  

Macbeth looked up at her and told her, “I’ll go no more!” 

Lady Macbeth cried, “Infirm of purpose!” 

“There’s one did in ‘s sleep, and one cried murder!” stammered Macbeth. 

Wandering around the room, Lady Macbeth began to grip her husband’s shaking shoulders.  

“One cried God bless us! And Amen the other,” the murderer explained to his wife. Her long black hair swayed in the wind, which was coming from the window. 

Outside, the trees in the distance were bending in the horrific storm. Brushing past the dazzling candle, Lady Macbeth snatched the daggers from his hands. 


By: Evie

French week beginning 1.3.21

Week beginning 1.3.2021

Year 6

Hope that you are all well and that you have been able to keep busy.

I hope that your project on the Eiffel tower went well and that you have enjoyed finding out about it. Here are the answers to the questions I asked you last week so that you can tick your answers off.

TASK A Check your answers to last week’s questions.

1- Where in the world is the Eiffel Tower? Paris

2- How many meters tall is the Eiffel Tower? 300 meters

3- What year was the Eiffel tower built? 1887

4- What is the nickname of the Eiffel tower? The Iron Lady (La Dame de Fer)

5- Who is the Eiffel Tower named after? Gustave Eiffel was an architect and a civil engineer. He was born in 1832 and he died in 1923.

Bonus question: How many metal parts approximately were used to build the Eiffel Tower? There are 18000 pieces.

This week:

This week , I would like you to look into French art. A bit of fun! It is called Impressionism, a very famous painter called Monet was part of that group of artists, the impressionists. Have a look at the website and try to create a piece of art. You might even be able to save it and share it with the rest of the class when you come back. If not, try to learn as much as you can about it and enjoy exploring the Tate gallery website for children.

Here is a website to start your research:

Bonne Chance! (Good luck!)

Keep safe and well.

Mrs Soal



Maths for the week commencing 1st March 2021


Flashback day 1 answers

Spr6.6.1 – Forming equations on Vimeo


Answers: Y6-Spring-Block-3-ANS6-Forming-equations-2019



Flashback day 2 answers

Spr6.6.2 – Solve simple one-step equations on Vimeo


Answers: Y6-Spring-Block-3-ANS7-Solve-simple-one-step-equations-2019



Flashback day 3 answers

Spr6.6.3 – Solve two-step equations on Vimeo


Answers: Y6-Spring-Block-3-ANS8-Solve-two-step-equations-2019



Flashback day 4 answers

It’s World Book Day! So try this investigation into ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.’

Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe



Flashback day 5 answers

Spr6.6.4 – Find pairs of values (1) on Vimeo


Answers: Y6-Spring-Block-3-ANS9-Find-pairs-of-values-1-2019


French week beginning 22.2.21

Week beginning 22.2.2021

Year 6

Hope that you are all well and that you had a good Easter break.

This week in French I am going to set you a small project. I would like you to research the Eiffel Tower.

TASK A- Here are a set of questions for you to answer and research:

1- Where in the world is the Eiffel Tower?

2- How many meters tall is the Eiffel Tower?

3- What year was the Eiffel tower built?

4- What is the nickname of the Eiffel tower?

5- Who is the Eiffel Tower named after?

Bonus question: How many metal parts approximately were used to build the Eiffel Tower?


To go with the answers to the questions you could illustrate your work or create your own Eiffel Tower. You could make it out of straws, Lego, paper or whatever you choose or you could draw it or paint it if you wish. Here are a few ideas:

Here is a website to start your research:

Bronze: draw or create your Eiffel tower.

Silver: draw or create your Eiffel tower and answer all the questions.

Gold: Add extra facts about the tower.

It would be great if you could bring your project in school when we get back so that we can share it with the rest of the class.

Bonne Chance! (Good luck!)

Keep safe and well.

Mrs Soal



Maths for the week commencing 22nd February 2021


Flash back day 1 answers

Spr6.5.1 – Find a rule – one step on Vimeo


Answers: Y6-Spring-Block-3-ANS1-Find-a-rule-one-step-2019


Flash back day 2 answers

Spr6.5.2 – Find a rule – two step on Vimeo


Answers: Y6-Spring-Block-3-ANS2-Find-a-rule-two-step-2019


Flash back day 3 answers

Spr6.5.3 – Forming expressions on Vimeo


Answers: Y6-Spring-Block-3-ANS3-Forming-expressions-2019


Flash back day 4 answers

Spr6.5.4 – Substitution on Vimeo


Answers: Y6-Spring-Block-3-ANS4-Substitution-2019


Flash back day 5 answers

Spr6.5.5 – Forumlae on Vimeo


Answers: Y6-Spring-Block-3-ANS5-Formulae-2019

French week beginning 8.2.21

Week beginning 8.2.2021

Year 6


Hope that you are all well and keeping your minds busy.


Last week you had to research “La Chandeleur”. I hope you were able to find all the answers to the questions. This week, I would like you to complete TWO different activities.

  1. Look at the Power Point (“Les crepes”) I have attached and use it to create 3 sentences telling me what you favourite pancakes are. You can use “et” (and) and “avec” (with) to make your sentences longer. Write them or type them.

Example: Sur mes crêpes j’aime le chocolat

Sur mes crêpes j’aime du citron et du sucre avec des fraises.

  1. Create a poster about “La Chandeleur” using the answers to your questions. You can write an explanation in English about the French tradition and illustrate your poster by adding picture, labels in French and colours. Use the recipe and the PPT I have added to help you with adding words in French. You can include one of your sentences on your poster.Les crepes PPT

Keep your poster to bring it in or post a picture of it so that we can have some on display in the classroom when we get back together.

I have also included a recipe in French for you to make pancakes at home if you can.

Bonne Chance (Good luck!) and enjoy the pancakes!

Keep safe and well.

Mrs Soal