The mountain

As I walked briskly up the mountain, fierce and strong I had thought about my dreams come true for weeks. 

Whilst I climbed the undefeatable colossal mountain more, I was shocked more than ever before. 

As I walked it was like the mountain cage dropped and letting his army tumble on me. 

I panicked so I ran with the wind howling at making me stumble. 

It made me bleed but it won’t make me stop.   


The mountain

I am the frightful mountain I see people from high and low.  

They think they can conquer ME THE MOUNTAIN!!! 

As they climbed to the top of my peak, I summoned armies to stop them.

Maybe I will let you have your day. It had been such a long time since I have let such miniscule beings to ascend my peak…

…today may be the day I will!


the mountain

Haunting, towering I wait and wait for another pathetic human to try and conquer me. 

I expand and expand just like the shield of snow that guards, that protects me from you.  

On my rocky feet I stand above you tall and sturdy. 

My weapons of destruction will hide my secrets away from you. 

My boulders will crush you in one second. 

My avalanches will bury you alive so deep you could never dig yourself out. 

Reaching to the fluffy clouds my peak won’t let me down I will defeat you. 

My caves will trap you and lock you in forever. 

Your bones will be crushed by the sharpest ice icicles ever seen. 

I am the mountain.  


Freezing mountain

 Will force my freezing cold ice and snow down into the small innocent town below me.  

I will freeze it with my cold Icey breath. 

I was shocked by the fearless face that was staring were standing under neath me. 

As they trudge up my rocky slope. 

Maybe I will hold my shoulders strong for you to stand upon me. 

For years I have been sitting here quietly abandoned. 

Today just maybe I will let you achieve your dream.           


The mountain!

For decades you have been climbing this dark gloomy mountain. 

Who dares to come across me! I will crush your dreams away. 

Silently you creep up on me waiting for the right time to pounce. 

Why are you still here just to suffer? 

Gigantic, invincible I stand here waiting proudly for them to climb me. 

If you set foot on me, I will summon armies to hunt you down. 

Slipping down you still stand your place. You reach for the top and miss. 

I have been standing in my rightful place for decades. 

I’m patiently waiting for you to reach the t


The snow sat on my face like a blanket. For days you had sat at base camp, waiting for the signal.  

Then you started to trudge up me. 

Reaching up to the heavens, I remembered my time as an insignificant, stony hill. 

Looking down me I saw your hometown at my foot and laughed at how tiny it was. 

As I watch you trudge up me, I feel your pain as a tiny pinprick. 

I will send armies of snow and wind to separate you from your fellow mountaineers. 

Indestructible and majestic, I stood here and looked down on the insignificant little human towns. 

Then, I brush the snow off my shoulder and bury you alive. 

The mountain summit

Climbing, stumbling I ascend to the heavens of the summit. 

It has been snowing for a month or two.

The snow is as white as clouds.

High above me the snow covered the mountain as it touched the sky.

Will I ever reach the peak? 

The mountain

I am the mighty giant   

The one who is bigger than you.  

Standing, quietly waiting for the brave warriors to conqueror me. Ill dictate how high you climb me Ill only let you reach my face, no further. 

Towering up to the candy clouds but you might be dead at the peak of my face. 

For weeks, armies have tried to climb me, they have been defeated!!!  

Slowly you climb my long slope. 

But I can try to stop you climbing me. 

You should listen to me or else I’ll never behave  



I am the dreadful conundrum, 

Since time began, I have waited for you to climb me. 

Standing at the start of my base, you begin to climb me. 

It’s revealing as the petty humans fail, 

Rumbling could be heard through a long, dark, gloomy cave. 

Slowly you climb my slope.  

For weeks you have tried to climb me, 

But as you climb me, you are getting more tired as the seconds go by. 

It has been a long time since my armies of wind, rain and snow have not come at my command. 

I will dictate how high you climb me,  

But maybe you will master me, 

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day.  


The Mountain

It had been a long time since the strong and haunting adventurers came towards me….  

My invincible army shall stop you once again. 

Slowly, just slowly, you are climbing my face. 

I am the master of your nightmare! 

My snow line will be the furthest you reach. 

Quickly you shall fail to conquer my peak. 

You will slip on my slope, faster and faster as you go down, until you reach the dangerous beginning! 

You shall solve my puzzle and bow before me for I am the Dreadful Menace the one who cannot be defeated!…