The Mighty Mountain

On the mountain top everything is composed but when the pesky humans come it becomes hell on earth. 

I will still stand fiercely; those insignificant things think there’re superior, but I will rule among them. 

My make-believe peace will make them think I’m admirable, but think not. 

Desperately, the abysmal humans make an escape, out of my mountain top. 

They think there’re clever, hiding for weeks inside caves that are carved inside of me. 

Dangerous and dominating I stand patiently, waiting for the intrepid explores to invade my land. 

My face, crippled by your pickaxes as you climb (and you try) to reach my beautiful peak. 

You will never succeed. 

Not in a million years. 

The monstrous mountain!

An undefeatable mountain stood before me.  

The snow is as soft as cotton candy. 

I stopped waling started suffering to death. 

Fearfully, I continued to climb the menacing mountain. 

Above the Rocky Mountains are blinding, cyan skies filled with the sun’s radiance. 

I climbed the treacherous mountain for decades. 

Rumbling could hear from a monstrous avalanche. 

I have conquered this colossal, haunting mountain. 

The Big Adventure

The powerful, eager mountain climbers faced the fear of the monstrous ice shards falling onto them, they leaped out the way of an enormous rock that was coming towards them. The rock finally reached the bottom of the colossal mountain, shattering and flying in all directions. From below, the climbers gazed up at the murky, harsh sky. 

Shivering, the climbers were determined to get to the summit of the large mountain. Slowly, changing the head position, they looked up to the peak of the giant, the mountaineer’s limbs were going numb whilst prepping for the next base camp. The snow was like bulldozer rolling down a hill. Have you ever been as eager as these people before?