My book

My book is called ‘Heroic Animals’ by Clare Balding. It has short stories about different animals that are heroic. One of my favourite animals is Antis the dog who was stuck in a barn shed type thing in a war and a soldier heard whining and went to rescue him and found a dog. They lived with each other until the soldier died.


SHHH! The sound of missiles are near! 

HIDE! Get in your bomb shelter, the bombs are coming! 

BRRR! The machine gun kills the soldier.  

VISION! The child sees peace in the world, but not this one. 

RUN! The soldiers are here looking for us! 

BOOM! You hear a bomb explode near. 

SIGH… This is not the world I want to see… 


SHOUT! The time of joy is about! 

HIDE! We’re playing a game of hide and seek! 

BUZZ! The bees are flying through the blue, cloudless sky. 

VISION! Imagine seeing a world of war…. 

RUN! We’re playing IT! 

BANG! The bouncy ball hits the ground. 

SIGH… I love this world…