Lady Macbeth paced around the castle. The wind whispered and whistled through the stone pillars. She picked up her hands and dragged them along the oak splintered table, as if they were dancing to a lullaby… A soot-black raven flew high above the dusty grey castle. As the raven flew the wind closely followed, behind yapping at his heels.

“I feel like my stomach is twisted into a million pieces. I have butterflies.” Lady Macbeth began to have second thoughts about her cruel desire to kill the king. She wiped a heartless tear from her emerald green eyes and pulled herself together, deciding to go ahead with her plans.

Waiting on Macbeth’s arrival, Lady Macbeth was so nervous she almost forgot to breathe. Moments later, Macbeth bundled through the large wooden door, staring down at the ruby red blood which stained the hands of guilt.
“I have done the deed, I shall go no further,” said Macbeth. The daggers dropped to the floor in seconds with a clatter! “This is a sorry sight,” cried Macbeth. Lady Macbeth rolled her face into a smile and rubbed her hands with glee. “Infirm of purpose! I shall take the daggers and smear there whole body with the witness of the crime!” raged Lady Macbeth. “Tis the eye of childhood, that is painted.”

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