Family and Friends

Shh! The dog is sleeping. 

QUICK! My friends are here.  

Yum! Lunch is ready. 

Look! There’s a bird in my garden. 

There! There’s a cat playing with a dog. 

Aww! Embers playing with her dog. 

Hey! My sister stole my pillow. 

Wow! My dog is smiling. 

Phew! It’s Friday. 

Yay! It’s the weekend. 

Yikes! I nearly woke up my mum and dad up. 

Woah! Lots of homework to do. 

Saturday! Time to get comfy and relax. 



By  lillie 


The way I see my family

 Shhh ! Daddy is sleeping.  

Groan! Homework needs doing. 

Quik! The ice cream truck has gone by. 

Yum! mummy is cooking.  

Yay! Nana has her crystals out. 

Arr! Lexi & Luler are playing. 

Bye! Going to play with friends. 

Quiet! I am trying to sleep!!!!!!! 

Boring! Charlie won’t let me on the Xbox. 

Wahoo! Sleep over with Catlin and Lilyrose.  

Friends! Lillie is my new BFF. 

WOW! Nan & gramps lived to a VERY OLD AGE!!! 

Amazing! My life is being woven together with my family helping me hold up the stitches.