Week 6


Here is the learning we are doing in class this week, for those at you at home, if you are feeling up to it, it would be great if you could have a go and bring it in when you come back!


There is a video to watch, then a worksheet for every day.


Mon Maths Worksheet


(There are 2 videos today!)

Tues Maths Worksheet


Weds Maths Puzzles Worksheet (The answers are on there too!)


Thurs Maths


Have a go at this arithmetic paper, see if you can complete it in 30 minutes!

Arithmetic Paper 5


This week is book week. The whole school are reading the book ‘The Journey’ by Aaron Becker.

You can watch the story here:

We are writing poems about the adventure of our imagination, using a magic pencil.

Have a look at the WAGOLL: The Magic Pencil

You are going to write your own narrative poem, describing the journey of a pencil. Use the planning grid below to help you plan.

First, draw a storyboard of your story, you can colour, don’t make it too detailed as it is a poem so does not need to be very long!

Next, write a small description under each picture to remind you what is happening in each part.

Then, in the features box, write some key words that you want to use in your poem. These could be descriptive words, rhyming words, or verbs such as, ‘scribble, sketch, doodle, criss-cross, etch’, Using verbs like these will help you give clues to your reader that it is not a real journey, and that it is being drawn.

Poem Plan Storyboard

Once you are happy with your plan, then you can write your poem. Use the WAGOLL to help you structure your poem.

Remember, key features of a poem include:

  • Verses
  • Capital letter at the beginning of every line
  • rhythm
  • rhyme (if wanted)
  • Short phrases – don’t have to be full sentences


Have a look at the PowerPoint below, it explores why people might want to live near a volcano.

Once you have had a look through, it tells you you have a task to do.

Your task is to create a poster, explaining why people would want to live near a volcano, use all the information in the presentation to help you.

Why live near a volcano


This week we are looking at fossils. Fossils can tell us a lot about evolution.

Can you research and create a poster about the question:

‘What can we learn from fossils?’.


Remember you still have all your logins for TTRS, Prodigy, ReadTheory and EdShed to use as well. If you need any of them please let me know!

If you have any questions let me know.

I hope you all feel better soon!

Miss P-H 🙂