Hollie’s Macbeth writing


The wind wailed above the clouds; below was a murky dark castle where Macbeth lived with his wife, Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth was a mean lady who had pale sickly skin. She had evil piercing eyes that shone in the moonlight. Tapping the oak table, Lady Macbeth was thinking about why her husband wasn’t back. She heard the door creak open then Macbeth stepped through with blood-stained hands and the daggers. He said “I have done the deed. Didst thou not hear the noise?”
Lady Macbeth replied, “All I heard is the owls scream and the crickets cry.”
“I heard people screaming for help one even cried murder.” “You unbend your noble strength to think so brainsickly things,” murmured Lady Macbeth. She placed her elegant hand on her husband’s shoulder. Macbeth was so afraid to think what he had done. Trembling in shock, he stared down at the daggers remembering his terrible act. Lady Macbeth then saw the daggers in his hands and she said, “Give me the daggers.”

“No never,” he growled angrily with passion in his voice. “Give me the daggers you can hurt someone with them. Give me the daggers NOW,” she said fiercely.`

Macbeth By Chloe.E


The mist hid the old, mossy bricks as if there was some kind of secret beyond. The dreaded wind threw itself at the tower walls, bleeding through the cracks making it even more bitter than before. Hanging over the fortress, the clouds darkened the atmosphere in which Lady Macbeth contemplated the power before her. With her ghost-like skin and self-assured posture, Lady Macbeth waited for her husband’s arrival.

Seconds later, the dark oak door burst open snuffing out all the candles in the process. Macbeth’s eyes were drawn towards his blood-stained hands as he crept silently into the room.

“The deed is done,” trembled the murderer, “This is sorry sight!” he said leaning further towards his hands.

“A foolish thought to say a sorry sight,” hissed Lady Macbeth angrily. The pain ebbed and flowed inside Macbeth regretting everything he had done. Lady Macbeth’s face wrinkled in distaste as the smoke from the fire place crept up her nose and burned the back of her throat.

“What have I done?” said Macbeth with his jaw wide open. He dropped the daggers and they landed with a clatter.

“Get some water and wash this filthy witness from your hands,” said Lady Macbeth furiously. “Why did you bring these daggers from the place? They must lie there. Go carry them and smear the sleepy grooms with blood.”

“I will go no more,” announced Macbeth. “I am afraid to think of what I have done; look again I dare not!” Lady Macbeth bent over and picked up the bloody daggers.

“Infirm of purpose!” shouted the soon to be queen with her once pale face that was now a light shade of pink. Snatching the daggers, she marched off towards the spiral staircase. “The sleeping and the dead are but as pictures! Tis the eye of childhood that fears a painted devil!” she stormed up the stairs.


The wind slashed at the window as the rain blinded the castle with a blanket of spray. Inside, there was a dark gloomy room where the dust settled, covering the hard oak furniture in a thick layer of dirt. 

In this time-worn room, Lady Macbeth paced around with her long dress trailing behind her like shadow.Trembling, she clenched her ghost-like fist. Outside an owl screeched as it swooped towards its prey. 

Hark! Peace!” 

Through the shadows, Macbeth came back with blood-shot hands and a depressed look upon his face. He dropped to the floor, covering the hard polished stone in the blood of murder. The moonlight shone on the blood, illuminating it in the dark. 

“This is a sorry sight.” 

“A foolish thought to say a sorry sight,” hissed Lady Macbeth as she stood next to the flickering candle light. 

“Macbeth shall sleep no more, he sobbed. 

“Stop acting so cowardly and return them daggers to the guards. 

“I’ll go no more! I dare not!” Macbeth mumbled. 

He was hunched on the floor in a ball and would not move for the world. Looking down to the blood-stained floor he sighed, “What have I done?” 

As he dropped the murdering daggers, Lady Macbeth snatched them and dissolved into the dark mystical corridor. 

As she was smearing guards with the blood a noise came from upstairs… BOOM! It went again, she rushed back to Macbeth, 

“Let’s get this blood off your hands. 

“Not even all the water in the ocean could wash me off this filthy sight.” 

A draft ran through the empty castle and blow out the candle light leaving them in the depressing dark night.        

Corey Macbeth story

The story of Macbeth 

The mist hid in the dark and shadowy sky like it was preparing to attack. The immense tall castle was built strong but had many cracks on it. The rain got harder every minute. Slowly starting to smile, Lady Macbeth came up with an evil plan for Macbeth to kill Banquo’s children because they would be rulers of Scotland. 


Nervously, Lady Macbeth said, 

“I hope Macbeth is ok on his evil mission”. 

A minute later, Macbeth came back to where Lady Macbeth was hiding. Macbeth had bright red blood on his hands. 

“I have done the deed.  

Lady Macbeth saw the blood on his hands and said go and get that filthy stuff of his hands, but Macbeth said, “Not even the whole ocean can clean this blood off my hands. I am afraid to think what I have done. I will not go a put the daggers at the place. Why don’t you go?”  

And again, he saw some ghosts and became confused. About a week later, Lady Macbeth started going mad, even more mad than Macbeth. She became so mad she threw herself out the window like she wanted to die 

Macduff and Macbeth were fighting with their sharp swords. They were about to fight they both leapt to each other, but just before they did Macbeth saw another ghost and suddenly stopped. Macduff cut Macbeth’s head off and Macbeth died. 

Macbeth Story

A castle lay beyond the dark misty fog. The lights were off, the silence of death filled the air. 

In the castle, the King sat down wearing his crown. The guards stood like statues; the birds were frightened of death.   

Lady Macbeth was pacing until Macbeth had done the deed. He came back with red dripping bloody hands, carrying a dagger in each hand. Lady Macbeth reached out to his hands. 

I have done the deed!” muttered Macbeth. 

Ok, but what in the world is that on your hands? Go and wash your filthy hands and go put those daggers back immediately 

“I thought I heard a voice cry.” 

“What are you talking about?” Lady Macbeth grabbed his shoulders and shook then angrily. 

“The voice kept crying sleep no more. I can’t go back! They will know what I have done.” 

“Coward! Give me the daggers.”  

Lady Macbeth silently took the daggers and strode out the room to leave the daggers to frame the guards. 

The next day, a guard found the dead body on the ground and shouted, THE KING IS DEAD!”  

Everyone was suspicious about who had killed the King, but no one suspected Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. 

The story of Macbeth!

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth waited until her husband came back and had done the deed. As she waited excitedly in the dark and unlit room, she stood beside the oak wooden table.

As Macbeth approached the room, he murmured.

“I have done the deed, did you hear a noise?’’ spoke the murderer.

The pale faced lady replied, “I heard the owl scream and the crickets cry, didn’t you say something?’’
As she stared at Macbeth, he whispered,

“When?” As he stood there in pain.

“Now!” replied Lady Macbeth saying that the guards might off woke up.

“As I came down?’’ Macbeth replied nervously as he thought he was going to get caught.

“Yes!” answered Lady Macbeth.

Macbeth whispered, “The voice kept crying, sleep no more! To everyone in the house, Macbeth has murdered sleep, no more!’’

“Who said that? Why my worthy lord you let yourself become weak!’’ Lady Macbeth shouted.

“I’ll go no more: I’m afraid of what I have done!’’ Macbeth said in shock.

“Coward! Give me the daggers, people can’t hurt you anymore!’’ shouted Lady Macbeth.

Lady Macbeth went to put the daggers with the guards and to smother the blood all over them so they would think that the guards murdered King Duncan. Her plan was that they would get the blame so Macbeth could become King and Lady Macbeth would be Queen.




The rain wept down at the desolate window. The castle’s authority was beyond doubt despite the wind’s power. In the dimly lit room, water dripped down from the ceiling of the indestructible castle.  

Pacing around the bare room, Lady Macbeths long white baggy dress dragged along the blood-like carpet. Owls were screaming sending spine-chilling messages around the woods. 


Muttering to herself, Lady Macbeth was annoyed at what Macbeth had done. Alack I am afraid they have awaked, and tis not done. Th` attempt and not the deed confounds us. Hark! I laid their daggers ready he could not missem. Clenching her fist, the snakelike creature was furious with her husband. The door creaked as Macbeth entered the room with bloody daggers. “My dear husband!” Lady Macbeth shouted. 

“I have done the deed. Didst you not hear a noise?” Macbeth said as the daggers dropped to the floor with a clatter 

“I heard an owl scream and the crickets cry did you not speak? 

When?” Macbeth said while shivering.  

Macbeth Story

Macbeth – Marley Rampton

The fog encased the castle like a cloak. It roamed around the dark mysterious woods that hid monsters in its shadows out of sight. The castle was impenetrable and solid.

The back-breaking wind threw itself at the castle. Within the walls, Lady Macbeth was passing up and down with her slithering cloak following behind her like a snake. Gasping for breath, Macbeth looked at his hands – now coated with the king’s blood. “What deed is done to be King?” Macbeth thought to himself.  “This is a sorry sight,” said the soon-to-be King, mumbling under his breath.
“A foolish thought to say sorry sight,” said Lady Macbeth. Her snake-like face turned into a ruthless smirk; she wrapped her arms around him like he was a puppy dog. Hesitantly, he turned around to look at Lady Macbeth and said, “Methought I heard a voice cry, sleep no more-innocent sleep.”

“What do you mean?” Lady Macbeth said with a grin.

Macbeth turned his face, “Why did you bring the daggers from the king?” she screeched. She glared at him with distaste as he whimpered in the shadows.

“I’ll go no more, I dare not.”

The lungs of Lady Macbeth were  blown away as if she was blowing out a candle.

“Infirm of purpose!”

She snatched the daggers away from him then vanished in a blink of an eye.

In what seemed like a second she was back. “Get some water and wipe this evidence from your hands.”

Daniel’s Macbeth Story



The rain lashed at the overgrown walls of the castle. All that could be seen was the faint candlelight coming from within. Inside the dreary castle was a gloomy room with a hard oak table. Gliding up and down the room, Lady Macbeth anticipated her husband’s return. The Lady of Cawdor, who was growing impatient, was startled to hear an owl scream. The silent killer wandered through the baron halls and into the chamber where his wife waited.


‘I have done the deed didst thou not hear a noise?’ Macbeth asked.

‘I heard the owl scream and the crickets cry. Did not you speak?’ Lady Macbeth explained. They stared at each other in pure silence until the new king whispered, ‘This is a sorry sight.’
Gazing at her husband’s blood-stained hands, the Queen noticed the daggers he was still clutching.

‘Why did you bring the daggers from the place?’ exclaimed Lady Macbeth in anger and disappointment. ‘They must lie there. Go carry them and smear the sleepy grooms with blood.’

Macbeth stared at the daggers in guilt, ‘I’ll go no more,’ He murmured closing his eyes in sadness. ‘I am afraid to think what I have done. Look on’t again I dare not.’

‘Infirm of purpose!’ Lady Macbeth snarled.


The violent wind blew out the candles and slammed the door shut. Macbeth collapsed in grief. Lady Macbeth looked on in disappointment. ‘Give me the daggers. The sleeping and the dead are but as pictures. T’is the eye of childhood who fears a painted devil!’ She took the daggers and exited the room in anger.

The story of Macbeth!

The castle it was a gloomy night and it is a misty night and it was a stormy night. And at 5am And Macbeth killed the king and Lady Macbeth told him to go and. Wash your hands and he said” I can’t they are stained” and Lady Macbeth said “don’t be a coward just wash your hands. Then she saw the daggers she said” go put them back” and he said” I can’t I don’t want to get caught”. Disgusted will he looked at his hand’s and then she gad them out his hand’s ad ran and put them on the guard and put blood a rand them.