Ulama work by Isabel.M



Are you tired of playing: FootballNetballBasketball or RugbyIf so, why not give Ulama the famous Mayan game a try. 

The equipment you will need is: 

A loin cloth, 

Hip guards, 

Thick girdle, 

Knee pads, 

Type of garter, 


And a Helmet. 

 Ulama is played on a court called Tastei, it involves two teams, & a large, hard, rubber ball. Ulama unlike other ball game you can never ever use your hands or feet you can only use your elbows, knees & hips. The aim of the game is the get the large, hard, rubber ball into a stone ring and score a point. 

In order to play Ulama you of course you need to know how to play it 

When playing Ulama the first thing you should know is to never let the ball touch anything other than your elbows, knees & hips. You should also know that when you get the large rubber ball through the stone ring your team gets a point and the first team to get eight points winns, in ancient time the loser team would be sacrificed also in the ancient times only prisoners were to play but now in the modern daysanyone can play and no one would be sacrificed. The game used to go on forever but now it is stopped after two hoursOn each team there can be up to 5-12 players. 

Luckily you didn’t play this game in the ancient times or you would be A SACRAFICE TO THE GODS!!!   now you know how to play Ulama I hope you enjoy playing it. 😊