Macbeth Story

A castle lay beyond the dark misty fog. The lights were off, the silence of death filled the air. 

In the castle, the King sat down wearing his crown. The guards stood like statues; the birds were frightened of death.   

Lady Macbeth was pacing until Macbeth had done the deed. He came back with red dripping bloody hands, carrying a dagger in each hand. Lady Macbeth reached out to his hands. 

I have done the deed!” muttered Macbeth. 

Ok, but what in the world is that on your hands? Go and wash your filthy hands and go put those daggers back immediately 

“I thought I heard a voice cry.” 

“What are you talking about?” Lady Macbeth grabbed his shoulders and shook then angrily. 

“The voice kept crying sleep no more. I can’t go back! They will know what I have done.” 

“Coward! Give me the daggers.”  

Lady Macbeth silently took the daggers and strode out the room to leave the daggers to frame the guards. 

The next day, a guard found the dead body on the ground and shouted, THE KING IS DEAD!”  

Everyone was suspicious about who had killed the King, but no one suspected Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. 


The rain wept down at the desolate window. The castle’s authority was beyond doubt despite the wind’s power. In the dimly lit room, water dripped down from the ceiling of the indestructible castle.  

Pacing around the bare room, Lady Macbeths long white baggy dress dragged along the blood-like carpet. Owls were screaming sending spine-chilling messages around the woods. 


Muttering to herself, Lady Macbeth was annoyed at what Macbeth had done. Alack I am afraid they have awaked, and tis not done. Th` attempt and not the deed confounds us. Hark! I laid their daggers ready he could not missem. Clenching her fist, the snakelike creature was furious with her husband. The door creaked as Macbeth entered the room with bloody daggers. “My dear husband!” Lady Macbeth shouted. 

“I have done the deed. Didst you not hear a noise?” Macbeth said as the daggers dropped to the floor with a clatter 

“I heard an owl scream and the crickets cry did you not speak? 

When?” Macbeth said while shivering.  

Macbeth Story

Macbeth – Marley Rampton

The fog encased the castle like a cloak. It roamed around the dark mysterious woods that hid monsters in its shadows out of sight. The castle was impenetrable and solid.

The back-breaking wind threw itself at the castle. Within the walls, Lady Macbeth was passing up and down with her slithering cloak following behind her like a snake. Gasping for breath, Macbeth looked at his hands – now coated with the king’s blood. “What deed is done to be King?” Macbeth thought to himself.  “This is a sorry sight,” said the soon-to-be King, mumbling under his breath.
“A foolish thought to say sorry sight,” said Lady Macbeth. Her snake-like face turned into a ruthless smirk; she wrapped her arms around him like he was a puppy dog. Hesitantly, he turned around to look at Lady Macbeth and said, “Methought I heard a voice cry, sleep no more-innocent sleep.”

“What do you mean?” Lady Macbeth said with a grin.

Macbeth turned his face, “Why did you bring the daggers from the king?” she screeched. She glared at him with distaste as he whimpered in the shadows.

“I’ll go no more, I dare not.”

The lungs of Lady Macbeth were  blown away as if she was blowing out a candle.

“Infirm of purpose!”

She snatched the daggers away from him then vanished in a blink of an eye.

In what seemed like a second she was back. “Get some water and wipe this evidence from your hands.”

The Story of Macbeth

The clouds looked down at the petrifying castle. Moonlight shone through the enormous windows, casting horrifying shadows. Rain thudded onto the castle’s roof and a bitter draught crept through the holes in the brickworkInside the imposing castle walls, was Lady Macbethpacing around in the lonely room. The elegant young lady took a seat on the chair and began to tap her long pale fingers on the ice-cold stone wall, awaiting her husband’s return. There was then a blood-curdling shriek. Then there was an immense thud on the door…  

Macbeth came pounding into the bare roomtrembling with fear, whilst holding two daggers in his handswhich were covered in blood.   

“This is a sorry sight,” mumbled the king to be.  

“A foolish thought, to say a sorry sight.” hissed Lady Macbeth.  

Macbeths hands started to shake.   

“Why did you bring these daggers from the place?” complained Lady Macbeth.  

“Go! Carry them and smear the grooms with blood.”  

Macbeth looked up at her and told her, “I’ll go no more!” 

Lady Macbeth cried, “Infirm of purpose!” 

“There’s one did in ‘s sleep, and one cried murder!” stammered Macbeth. 

Wandering around the room, Lady Macbeth began to grip her husband’s shaking shoulders.  

“One cried God bless us! And Amen the other,” the murderer explained to his wife. Her long black hair swayed in the wind, which was coming from the window. 

Outside, the trees in the distance were bending in the horrific storm. Brushing past the dazzling candle, Lady Macbeth snatched the daggers from his hands. 


By: Evie