24th September

Autumn has begun, and it has brought some rain!

Despite this, we have still been able to get outside everyday. Willow Explorers have been enjoying participating in Forest School. They have been den building, playing in the river and learning how to tie knots to create a slack line.

In maths, the children have practiced their skills of rounding and negative numbers.

Mount Everest has been the focus for English, and beginning to think about whether people should be allowed to climb it. We all found out some fascinating facts…ask the children!

After learning about time zones in geography, who could find out the answer to this question: If it is 10AM in London, what would be the time at base camp on Mount Everest?

In science, we have continued building circuits.

17th September

The week has flown past, and already we have got to Friday.

We have been exploring different styles of artwork for painting mountains this week.

We also began our science unit of work, electricity, making circuits and beginning to learn the symbols to represent the different parts of circuits.

In RE, we have begun to think about¬† what makes God special. What is God like? Words such as “omnipotent”¬† “omniscient” and “eternal” were thought about in relation to what Christians believe God is like.


This week we have been SO impressed with the children’s attitude: they are clearly delighted to be back at school. In Maths, we have been learning about the value of numbers and how the position of each digit informs of us of its value.

We have also been learning about the importance of lines of longitude and latitude in Geography and using these to locate different points around the word.

In Science we have made some basic circuits to recap on previous learning and begun to find about the pioneering work of scientists such as Benjamin Franklin and Michael Faraday.

Come to think of it, we’ve been so busy that we’ve forgotten to take lots of pictures of the children actually doing their work, so here are some pictures of what they have recorded in their books instead!

Enjoying the sunshine, we have been playing hockey.

Why read inside… when you can read in the warm sun outside?

Making the most of the lovely weather this week.