The mountain!

Who dares to tread on my rugged cliffs? 

Since time began, no one has conquered me but maybe today I’ll let you come and play. 

With my ancient ridges and my impassable tremors for I’m the monstrous mountain! 

One little slip and it will jeopardize everything you’ve gained, so climb carefully! 

My gloomy peaks like dragon teeth with a rumbling tummy! 

Stretching up to my army, my summit remains abandoned and jagged. 

As you hike on my shoulders, I bear your pain slipping and sliding all over my slopes. 

Slowly, you climb my rocky face with fear in your eyes, there’s no stopping you now, you’ve nearly reached my summit! 

Amazingly, you’ve reached my peak now you can see me as majestic from the top, good luck my miniscule being on your descent!    






The mountain

The snow falls out of the sky like a water fall. 

The storm goes bye as the sky turns grey. 

Ice lays on the snowy floor like a sheet of glass. 

Behind the thick walls of snow lies the dreadful menace. 

Have you seen anything so magnificent? 

I will choose how high you climb and how far you jump.