I love my fluffy, four-legged feline 

When he sleeps on my lap, I know he’s my little cat 

Sneaking on his padded paws unleashing his cutting claws 

You purr when your happy and this makes me cheerful 

Never a fussy eater from chicken to salmon  

Think you’re a tiger but you’re definitely a roaring lion 

Chasing your shadow and running around like a playful kitten 

Nothing beats having a lovable, huggable cat 

Parliament week vote Poppy!

I am supporting Poppy! I believe Poppy would be an excellent Headteacher because she is kind, enthusiastic and mature. One of the changes is a big school bake off where each class makes a dish and go around the school trying all the dishes. She will welcome all the children and making the lessons fun and exciting. Poppy will go around the school making sure that everything is running smoothly. I can assure Poppy will make a great headteacher and take care of your children. Please vote for Poppy. 😊 

We only have one world

I walked along the street and saw… 

A homeless man sitting in the doorway 

I turned a corner and then I heard…  

Children laughing as they play. 


I walked along the street and saw… 

Grey smoke polluting the skies 

I turned a corner and then I heard… 

A bee buzzing around the beautiful flowers. 


I walked along the street and saw… 

Plastic litter blowing in the wind  

I turned a corner and then I heard… 

The birds singing their beautiful song. 


I walked along the street and saw… 

My local park being demolished for houses 

I turned a corner and then I heard… 

The trees breathing and swaying in the wind. 


The mountain!

Who dares to tread on my rugged cliffs? 

Since time began, no one has conquered me but maybe today I’ll let you come and play. 

With my ancient ridges and my impassable tremors for I’m the monstrous mountain! 

One little slip and it will jeopardize everything you’ve gained, so climb carefully! 

My gloomy peaks like dragon teeth with a rumbling tummy! 

Stretching up to my army, my summit remains abandoned and jagged. 

As you hike on my shoulders, I bear your pain slipping and sliding all over my slopes. 

Slowly, you climb my rocky face with fear in your eyes, there’s no stopping you now, you’ve nearly reached my summit! 

Amazingly, you’ve reached my peak now you can see me as majestic from the top, good luck my miniscule being on your descent!