My family

Shh! I think that mum and dad are sleeping.  

Quick! My older brother is trying to kill me. 

Look!  my hamsters are doing cage reselling. 

There! Why do you have to be so annoying? 


Aww! My pets can calm me down when the boys are fighting. 

See! Nan, I didn’t throw my peas in the bin. 

Hey! Grandad can you leave me alone. 

Woah! I almost forgot I had a cousin.  

Burr! Of course, I am cold its six in the morning.  


Yum! Dad can we make more flapjacks.  

Phew! Why do you have to be so cruel? 

Yikes! Mum dad the boys are fighting again. 


Grait! I don’t want to go to nans again. 

Yes! I would love to have a take away. 

Cool! I totally don’t agree with you.