Week 4

Good Morning! Happy Monday!

Here is the work we will be doing in class this week, please have a go at some if you are feeling up to it!



This week we will be looking at decimals. I have attached a video to each of the lessons, as well as the worksheet for that day. Also, please practice your timestables on TT Rockstars!


Mon Maths Worksheet



Tues Maths Worksheet



Weds Maths Worksheet



Thurs Maths Worksheet



There is no video today, have a go at this arithmetic test:

Arithmetic Paper 3 Practice

(It’s not really a test, but its good to practice!)




This week, we will be looking at writing a balanced argument. Have a look at the attached powerpoint that shows a balanced argument all about whether homework should be allowed. Using all the things you learn from the powerpoint, complete the planning sheet to plan your own argument about:

‘Should children be allowed phones in school’.

Think carefully about which arguments are FOR and which are AGAINST.

Once you have planned, have a go at writing your balanced argument, using your planning sheet to help you.

Balanced Argument Structure Strip PLANNING SHEET

year-6-re-writing-a-balanced-argument  POWERPOINT


Reading Comprehension

Here are two reading comprehensions you could have a go at this week, don’t forget you can also do ReadTheory for more!

Selfish-Giant Reading Comprehension



This weeks spelling rule is: Words with the common letter string ’acc’ at the beginning of words.

Here are your spellings to practice:


Last week, we began to look into the work of Charles Darwin, as part of our Evolution and Adaptation topic. Please research Charles Darwin.

Find out about:

  • His early life
  • His main acomplishments
  • His legacy/importance today

Here are some places to help you research:



Once you have researched, I wonder if you can turn your research into a biography.

A biography is a piece of text that describes the life of somebody else. I have attached an example, as well as a planning sheet, to help you.

Charles Darwin Biography Planning Grid

Charles Darwin Biography Example



Here is the song we have been using for our dance in PE. Have a go at practicing the dance to see what you can remember (if you are feeling up to it!) If you like, see if you can make up some more of the dance.

If you have any questions (or would like some more to do!!) then please let me know!

I really hope to see you all soon!


Miss P-H