I See

I see, stars of light that shines in the midnight darkness, showing signs of love. 

I see, clouds of white sitting in the sky going way up high in the bright blue sky. 

I see, a sky of blue with rainbows going far looking like a bright green meadow. 

I see, flowers of yellow and some of blue growing so high they touch you. 

I see, trees going far and long, bushes of green that blow in the green land. 

I see, the rain drops that pour from the sky, touching me with a soft touch across my cheek. 


In this world

In this world there is… 

Water, it nourishes life 

And it is beautiful. 


In this world there are… 

Animals, they bring happiness 

And they are beautiful. 


In this world there are… 

Birds, they roam free 

And they are beautiful 


In this world there is… 

The sky, it holds the shining sun and the glimmering moon 

And it is beautiful 


In this world there are… 

Rainbows, showing color to all 

And they are beautiful 


In this world there are… 

Trees, they give oxygen 

And they are beautiful 


The world as I see it

I see the sun rise 

The birds sing their soothing song 

The pearl clouds awaken 

And the fluorescent blue sky, moving as slow as a sloth 

I rise from my supple bed 

And see a golden field giving me thoughts of people who are less fortunate than 


The wind roared triumphantly 

The whistle of the breeze on the white peak of a mountain 

The fearless eagle squawks intimidating  

Anything alive 

The crash of the waves 

Destroying anything in its path, 

The composed coral reef  

As colorful as can be  

But at the end of the day the night takes over  

And everything goes silent 

WILDLIFE is beauty

Along the park I walked, 

I saw a squirrel, small and brown, climb up a tree carrying a snack, 

I saw a bird land in her nest and sing a short song, 

I saw small frogs, hop from land to lily pad, 

I saw the leaves dance in the wind with the grass, I saw the butterflies flutter in the bright sky, 

I saw the rainbows in the clear blue sky, 

I saw the flowers sway in the breeze, 

I saw the sun set ready for night, 

I saw the stars twinkle and shine, 

I saw the bat fly in the sky, 

I saw the owls call in the dark, 

I saw the sun rise for another day, 

I saw all the animals come out again, 

I saw a beautiful. 

Lovely place

In this place there are… 

Flowers as colorful as can be 

And it’s lovely 


In this place there are… 

Mountains above the heaven’s 

And it’s lovely 


In this place there are…  

Animals as peaceful as can be 

And it’s lovely 


In this place there are… 

Trees providing oxygen 

And it’s lovely 


In this world there are… 

Skies filled with the sun’s radiance 

And it’s lovely