Are you tired of playing the same game over and over again. If so, read on and learn how to play Ulama!

Ulama is a game wich was invented by the Mayans sometime around the preclasscal period, 2500-100BCE. Ulama was invented along time ago but still can be fun!

What will you need?

To play Ulama you will need: a ball; two rings inside the pitch up high on the stone walls.

More facts about ulama

The shape of the pitch was the same as a capital I. the sides of the court were steep, stones walls. Did you know that the mayans believed the more they played the game the better their crops would be.

How to play ulama   

You need to have two teams , with 5 or more players in each team. You can play for aslong as you like, but at the end, whoever scores the most point, wins.

How to score 

The way to score is easy to understand. All you have to do is get the ball you are using through a ring. The only hard part is how high the ring is, sometimes it can be 27 feet high!

 Top tips:

  • keep an eye on what is happening, don’t run into any walls;
  • play as a team, not just yourself;
  • You might need to learn how to climb a stone wall…..or make a human pyramid with your team to reach the rings!



My Supporting Speech


I am supporting Louie; I believe he would be an excellent head teacher because he is fun, kind and caring. Some of our changes would be an art compition where the whole school takes part in and an own cloths day and that you get an extra 25 minutes of break. 

I also think he would be excellent for this role because he is funny and can make everyone happy. He can make se4nsible choices if they are needed. He would make sure everyone has a fun day.  

WILDLIFE is beauty

Along the park I walked, 

I saw a squirrel, small and brown, climb up a tree carrying a snack, 

I saw a bird land in her nest and sing a short song, 

I saw small frogs, hop from land to lily pad, 

I saw the leaves dance in the wind with the grass, I saw the butterflies flutter in the bright sky, 

I saw the rainbows in the clear blue sky, 

I saw the flowers sway in the breeze, 

I saw the sun set ready for night, 

I saw the stars twinkle and shine, 

I saw the bat fly in the sky, 

I saw the owls call in the dark, 

I saw the sun rise for another day, 

I saw all the animals come out again, 

I saw a beautiful. 


I am the dreadful conundrum, 

Since time began, I have waited for you to climb me. 

Standing at the start of my base, you begin to climb me. 

It’s revealing as the petty humans fail, 

Rumbling could be heard through a long, dark, gloomy cave. 

Slowly you climb my slope.  

For weeks you have tried to climb me, 

But as you climb me, you are getting more tired as the seconds go by. 

It has been a long time since my armies of wind, rain and snow have not come at my command. 

I will dictate how high you climb me,  

But maybe you will master me, 

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day.