Headteacher Speech

I am here on this day to tell you to vote for me as I will be respectful, compassionate, mature and fun to all. I will give you delicious things for break and 15 minutes extra for each break. You can sit next to whoever you want in your class. I am trust worthy to everyone and I will listen to your problems, if you fight or argue. I may be annoyed and angry but I will always forget about it and be kind to everyone. Also, you can wear your own clothes, so you can be extra comfy. 

Please vote for me. 


The world as I see it

I see the sun rise 

The birds sing their soothing song 

The pearl clouds awaken 

And the fluorescent blue sky, moving as slow as a sloth 

I rise from my supple bed 

And see a golden field giving me thoughts of people who are less fortunate than 


The wind roared triumphantly 

The whistle of the breeze on the white peak of a mountain 

The fearless eagle squawks intimidating  

Anything alive 

The crash of the waves 

Destroying anything in its path, 

The composed coral reef  

As colorful as can be  

But at the end of the day the night takes over  

And everything goes silent 

The Mighty Mountain

On the mountain top everything is composed but when the pesky humans come it becomes hell on earth. 

I will still stand fiercely; those insignificant things think there’re superior, but I will rule among them. 

My make-believe peace will make them think I’m admirable, but think not. 

Desperately, the abysmal humans make an escape, out of my mountain top. 

They think there’re clever, hiding for weeks inside caves that are carved inside of me. 

Dangerous and dominating I stand patiently, waiting for the intrepid explores to invade my land. 

My face, crippled by your pickaxes as you climb (and you try) to reach my beautiful peak. 

You will never succeed. 

Not in a million years.