Sausage Party

Hello my name is Louie I think I would be a good headteacher because I am funny, fun and caring. If I was headteacher I would give you 25 minutes of extra break. 

Also, I would host an art competition but the teams are your whole class and you have to draw any animal but you have to participate and I will let you sit next to whoever you want in your class. 

 I think I would make it a fun day so please vote for me thank you.  

The mountain!

For decades you have been climbing this dark gloomy mountain. 

Who dares to come across me! I will crush your dreams away. 

Silently you creep up on me waiting for the right time to pounce. 

Why are you still here just to suffer? 

Gigantic, invincible I stand here waiting proudly for them to climb me. 

If you set foot on me, I will summon armies to hunt you down. 

Slipping down you still stand your place. You reach for the top and miss. 

I have been standing in my rightful place for decades. 

I’m patiently waiting for you to reach the t