my supporting speech

I am supporting Lexie I believe that be an excellent head teacher because she is kind caring. 

One of our changes is that you can have a day wearing your own clothes to school. Also, she would help people; go round to classes she would let people play prodigy and times table Rockstar.  


Family and Friends

Shh! The dog is sleeping. 

QUICK! My friends are here.  

Yum! Lunch is ready. 

Look! There’s a bird in my garden. 

There! There’s a cat playing with a dog. 

Aww! Embers playing with her dog. 

Hey! My sister stole my pillow. 

Wow! My dog is smiling. 

Phew! It’s Friday. 

Yay! It’s the weekend. 

Yikes! I nearly woke up my mum and dad up. 

Woah! Lots of homework to do. 

Saturday! Time to get comfy and relax. 



By  lillie 


The mountain

The snow falls out of the sky like a water fall. 

The storm goes bye as the sky turns grey. 

Ice lays on the snowy floor like a sheet of glass. 

Behind the thick walls of snow lies the dreadful menace. 

Have you seen anything so magnificent? 

I will choose how high you climb and how far you jump.