D-Day by BEN


How could the world come to this? Bombs flew around me and sweat covered me, adding to the foul stench of vomit that was everywhere.  Inescapable. Unbearable. Just… hellish! I looked to my comrades and nodded in recognition, we were the second phase of Operation Overlord, Operation Neptune, and we knew we could not turn back now, for all of Britain. Bullets whizzing overhead I faced my fate. “30 Seconds!” came a cry and I stared forward trying to force the awful surroundings out of my head. Gently, I reached into my shirt and pulled out my small cross and pressed it to my lips “God be with us.” A great whirring noise started and the ramp descended, leading onto a 30 feet sprint to the shore of the beach then certain death. “AAARRRGGGHHH!” I cried as I charged the heavily fortified beach. The next few moments of my life were a complete mess, water flew up everywhere and bullets tore lives apart. A blinding pain pierced my body as the world spun around, white dots filled my vision and the sound was deafening. In glanced down and I knew at once that this would be my final place of resting.

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