Lord of The Rings Dialogue

Finding their way through dead bodies, Legolas stated, “We must not linger.” 

“I know. My instincts are telling me we are not alone,” whispered Aragorn. 

Gimli said nervously, “We must find out what happened here. My family are all dead.” As the five of them made their way further through the dead rotten bodies, Gandalf murmured, “Something terrible has happened and I don’t want us to suffer the same horrible fate!” They all looked up in despair.  

“The book… perhaps somebody might of wrote something down.” Legolas murmured anxiously.  

Gandalf passed his magical hat to Peregrin and told him “Peregrin, whatever you DO NOT touch ANYTHING!”  

“Of course, why would I touch anything?” Peregrin replied. 

Gandalf wondered over to the book, and brushed the dust off onto the rigid floor. He flicked through the dusty pages of the cursed book seeming very curious. Peregrin wondered over to an ocean deep well. He turned round so he was facing all the other goblins, elves and wizards and slowly took a step back. But the step was a bit too far back. He stood back and knocked an ancient dead body, which was wearing armor, down the well. There was a bang! Gandalf turned round and looked Peregrin up and down. “You fool of a took! You’re a stupid boy.” screamed Gandalf.  

Peregrin went as red as a tomato. He said to the wizard, “Sorry, I truly am sorry Gandalf.”  

Gandalf and his crew turned around; the fear is Peregrin’s eyes was unreal!  

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