supporting speech for Leo

Supporting speech for Leo 

I am supporting Leo; I think he would be good because he stands for fun and fairness. He would make the breaktimes fifteen minutes longer and you could come in in your own of our pledges is that You would be allowed jelly at lunch break and be able to choose your own subject for each half of the day. He is working to bring happiness to the school. He would walk around the school and help people do things sand film the assembly. He would show an interest in what people are learning and help them if they’re stuck. He is already an ambassador so he already has some experience. 

4 thoughts on “supporting speech for Leo

  1. Its a really good speech but if he is alr ambassador it would be nice if someone else took part in helping the school…..fifteen more minutes is a bit much don’t you think ??? good speech thought well-done 🙂

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