French week beg 25.1.21

Week beginning 25.1.2021

Year 5


Hope that you are all well and keeping your minds busy.

I have attached the answers to last week’s activity on numbers. So have a look and see how well you did!

This week we are going to revise months of the year and learn the names of the seasons.

Here is a video to help you revise the months of the year:

Here are a few suggestions to practise them:

Can you sing them? Recite them? Write them on pieces of paper and place them in order as quickly as you can? How many times can you one of the months in a minute? ALL IN FRENCH OF COURSE!!!


This week, I would like you to learn the names of the seasons:

Here they are:

Le printemps (spring)

L’été (Summer)

L’automne (Autumn)

L’hiver (Winter) Think of the word “hibernate”


I would like you to create a poster combining the months of the year and the seasons. You could classify the months into the correct seasons in a grid or a circle and add pictures.

Bonne Chance! (Good luck!)

Keep safe and well.

Mrs Soal


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