French week beginning 8.2.21

Week beginning 8.2.2021

Year 6


Hope that you are all well and keeping your minds busy.


Last week you had to research “La Chandeleur”. I hope you were able to find all the answers to the questions. This week, I would like you to complete TWO different activities.

  1. Look at the Power Point (“Les crepes”) I have attached and use it to create 3 sentences telling me what you favourite pancakes are. You can use “et” (and) and “avec” (with) to make your sentences longer. Write them or type them.

Example: Sur mes crêpes j’aime le chocolat

Sur mes crêpes j’aime du citron et du sucre avec des fraises.

  1. Create a poster about “La Chandeleur” using the answers to your questions. You can write an explanation in English about the French tradition and illustrate your poster by adding picture, labels in French and colours. Use the recipe and the PPT I have added to help you with adding words in French. You can include one of your sentences on your poster.Les crepes PPT

Keep your poster to bring it in or post a picture of it so that we can have some on display in the classroom when we get back together.

I have also included a recipe in French for you to make pancakes at home if you can.

Bonne Chance (Good luck!) and enjoy the pancakes!

Keep safe and well.

Mrs Soal




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