Week 2

This week has been a busy week in Willow. Some of the children have been taking part in BikeAbility. They have really enjoyed this – they went both on the playground and out onto the roads to practice safe signals and manoeuvres.

Whilst BikeAbility has been happening, the children in the classroom have been incredibly busy! They have been working on an independent project to showcase their knowledge and skills. Each child chose a topic they felt passionate about and created a project about it. The children had to include the following:

šGeography – a map showing where it is/happened and labelled.

šHistory – a summary of main events / the lead up to the event / significant history.

šArt/DT – a model or piece of artwork inspired by the place / event.

šScience – something scientific to go with your project – this could be an experiment/information about something related.

šEnglish – a piece of writing (edited and  published) to go with your project – this could be a double page information sheet, a diary entry as though you were there, a letter/postcards from someone travelling to the place.

šComputing – something for your project must be made using the computer.

The children have worked so hard on these projects and we are all beyond impressed with how they have turned out! The children are looking forward to being able to share their projects with you at parents evening.

Here are a few pictures of them at work:


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