I am supporting Poppy. I believe Poppy would be an excellent Headteacher because she is kind and caring person and will let us have free time at break. Poppy will also be doing a challenge when you are cooking a dish with your class and Poppy or Mr. Galvin will be tasting the dishes. And finally, poppy will also be art for afternoon and math’s for the last thirty minutes of the day and for the rest of the day will be the same as normal school rules. Like assembly, break and home time. By Jack Tilson  

Vote Poppy.  

The world poem

I saw the black and night.  

I saw the day blue and bright. 

It was black and very dark.  

It was sunny and I went to the park.  

I looked at my school work in my file. 

I looked outside and watched people running miles.  

I SEE THE WORLD, my small world, I dream of the big world. 


The mountain

I am the mighty giant   

The one who is bigger than you.  

Standing, quietly waiting for the brave warriors to conqueror me. Ill dictate how high you climb me Ill only let you reach my face, no further. 

Towering up to the candy clouds but you might be dead at the peak of my face. 

For weeks, armies have tried to climb me, they have been defeated!!!  

Slowly you climb my long slope. 

But I can try to stop you climbing me. 

You should listen to me or else I’ll never behave