The day it all happened.

I tried to look back, but my body was in shocking movement but today was very atrocious. It was very loud I could not hear myself think. All I was trying to think about was my career , my wife and two children. My best mate was sitting next to me as my head leaned on the inside of the boat. It was dreadful seeing my best mate being sick; I had never seen him so scared and anxious before ,I never knew he was sea sick.

Suddenly all I heard was WAVES crashing BOMBS BOOMING AND THEN SUDDENLY all went silent!!!


Then the ramp lowered into the water as everyone ran scrambling to the hedgehogs, not everyone made it sadly. It was like we were in slow motion it was so hard to run with a really heavy suit and a gun.  Then I looked down and oh no I was shot there was blood everywhere ….