Sausage Party

Hello I am supporting Louie. I believe he would be an excellent headteacher because he Is fun ,kind ,helpful. He will help the school for the day. One of our pledges is own clothes day and it will be fun because we have other things planed like drawing an animal then voting on what is the best. Then we will make a huge drawing as a class and whatever class has the best drawing can do whatever they like related to learning. 

I also think that he will be a great headteacher because he will do a great job for our school because it will be a fun day. We also will be an enjoyable day so please vote Louie. 

All about my life


I see my friends every day. 


I see my friends want to play. 


I see my sisters want to sleep. 


I see my sisters want to peek.   


I wake my mum to make me breakfast. 


I notice she had a beautiful necklace 


I wake to take me to football.  


can’t wait to follow with a game of pool. 


I see my sister ask to watch tv with me. 


My older sister has gone to school, I see. 


That’s sums up my FAMILY! 

BY Logan  










The mountain

As I walked briskly up the mountain, fierce and strong I had thought about my dreams come true for weeks. 

Whilst I climbed the undefeatable colossal mountain more, I was shocked more than ever before. 

As I walked it was like the mountain cage dropped and letting his army tumble on me. 

I panicked so I ran with the wind howling at making me stumble. 

It made me bleed but it won’t make me stop.